The services offered by GEOCENTER
are flexible and adaptable.

Multiple Carriers
Each customer determines which carrier/s to use for its communication needs.

Wide range of services defined on the basis of the requirements of our customers.
Capable of scaling beyond the average energy consumption and/or heat generation when so required in accordance with the infrastructure of the customer.
Capable of designing customized services.

We are the first private Datacenter
of Uruguay certified

Tier III by the Uptime Institute.

Three rooms are available with capacity

for over 150 racks

With the possibility to define private and independent areas within each room.
A dedicated IT Equipment Room is available with capacity to house more than 30 racks.
A dedicated Communications Room is available with access to services provided by multiple carriers: Movistar, ANTEL and Claro.
Security Box Room to host devices, documents and private information.

Redundant UPSs

to ensure the supply of 700 KW in two separate power lines

Own power generation that ensures year-round autonomy through five 250 KW generators, which is equivalent to supply power to over 1,000 households.
Redundancy of all critical components of the data center.
Possibility to expand to 50 % of the current capacity.

Sophisticated systems of:

Temperature and humidity control.
Fire detection and extinguishment.
Access control and CCTV.
Automated monitoring.

Whe are your Second Office

We offer two stories with over 500 workstations fully equipped to accommodate customer staff in case of an incident that would make it impossible to work in their own offices.
Communications: We offer the possibility to re-route and address data and telephone links to operate from these rooms just as if they were doing it from their own offices.
Personnel available to support the efforts of the IT team both regarding contingency operations and the restoration of the infrastructure of the customer to normal levels.